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ChatGPT for Coding: Effective Use Cases and Limitations

ChatGPT excels in coding tasks such as refactoring and data analysis, and where it may fall short, like complex application development and debugging.


ChatGPT Plus vs API: Cost Comparison

Compare the cost differences between ChatGPT Plus subscription and GPT-4o API usage, and find out which option suits your coding needs better.


ChatGPT Web: Context Window and Token Limit

ChatGPT is a powerful AI tool for coding, but its performance is limited by context window and token limit. Here's how developers can work around them.


AI Coding: Enterprise Adoption and Concerns

Addressing key enterprise concerns such as IP issues, privacy, customer data security, and compliance in the adoption of AI coding tools.


AI Coding Evolution and Landscape: L1 to L5

AI coding from code completion (L1) to task automation (L2), project automation (L3), AI software engineer (L4), and AI development teams (L5).