Sample Use Cases

Check out the different ways you can use 16x Prompt to compose ChatGPT prompts

Use Cases by Language / Framework

Use Cases by Task Type

Implementing a New Feature

TypeTask InstructionCode Context
FeatureMake a new page for listing use cases, using similar layout as the release
FeatureAdd a new setting to allow users to toggle between light and dark, app/HomePage.tsx

Fixing a Bug

TypeTask InstructionCode Context
FixFix the bug where the user is unable to login, showing error for invalid credentials.login.tsx, api.ts, auth.ts


TypeTask InstructionCode Context
RefactorRefactor the component to avoid duplicated codeOptionsComponent.vue
RefactorRefactor the code to extract a reusable OptionButton componentOptionsComponent.vue

Tedious Tasks

ChatGPT can assist with tedious tasks, such as bulk editing, renaming variables, and reformatting code.

Tedious Task Example

An example of a tedious task from Reddit

Using 16x Prompt for such tasks can save time and effort in writing prompt and copy pasting code snippets.

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