Craft Coding Prompts Easily

16x Prompt simplifies prompt creation for coding. Add context, source code and formatting instructions with ease.

Compose Prompt for Daily Coding Tasks

16x Prompt helps developers compose the perfect prompt with source code and context for ChatGPT.

Zero setup required

Formatting instructions

Manage source code

GPT-4 (ChatGPT Plus)

Existing codebase

Offline & Local

Improved productivity

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Main Features

16x Prompt is designed with developer experience in mind, offering features that suits daily coding tasks.

Add Source Code to Prompt

Enter instruction and select source code files to generate final prompt. Copy in one click and paste into ChatGPT.

Formatting Instructions

The app automatically adds optimal formatting instructions to the prompt to generate ready-to-use code.

Optimized Prompt

The app automatically optimizes the source code and prompt for best results. You can also customize various options in settings.

Zero Setup

No need API key or any other setup. Just download and start using the app. It is that simple.

Use ChatGPT and GPT-4

You can use your existing ChatGPT Plus subscription and the powerful GPT-4 model. No additional cost in API usage.

Local Data Privacy

The app is 100% local and offline. No data is sent to any server. Your data privacy is not compromised.

16x Prompt Workflow

See how 16x Prompt works for realworld coding tasks in this video.

video image

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