16x Prompt is a tool that helps you compose ChatGPT prompts.

You probably heard about AI coding assistants like GitHub Copilot or Cursor.

However, these tools are still incapable of handling more complex tasks across multiple files (think 5-8 story points, medium-sized features), and they cost a lot in the form of monthly subscription.

On the other hands, tools that promise to automate coding with AI agents (Devin) are still a prototype concept riddled with poor performance on benchmarks and over-promised demos.

What if there is a tool that strikes a balance between the practicality (ability to write production-level code), complexity (able to handle medium-sized feature) and automation (semi-automated with human in the loop), while also offering a superior user experience in the form of a desktop application?

That's the vision for 16x Prompt.

16x Prompt allows the user to add source code context and formatting instructions into the prompt effortlessly, and get the best code output from LLMs, all without breaking the bank (no additional API cost, no subscription).

It works with any LLMs (GPT-4, Claude 3, local instruction-tuned LLMs) since you get the final prompt as the output.

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