Top 8 Apps Built with AI Coding in 2024

People from various backgrounds have used AI coding tools to develop coding projects, ranging from web apps to AI assistants. Here are some inspiring projects that showcase the versatility and power of ChatGPT and Claude in coding tasks.

SaaS AI Assistant Builder

A non-tech solopreneur launched an MVP of an AI assistant builder within a month using ChatGPT.

AI Assistant Builder

They gained paying customers within two months. The created chatbot manages initial contacts and conducts in-depth interviews.

Tools used include GPT-4, GPT-3.5, Anthropic, GitHub Copilot, Strapi CMS, and Vue.js.

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Product Review Aggregator

A product manager new to programming built redditrecs using ChatGPT. Redditrecs is a site that gathers and analyzes Reddit comments to find top portable monitors.

Reddit Recommendations for Portable Monitors

They started learning after being laid off. This project provided a more reliable source of product reviews compared to Google.

Tools used include the Reddit API, GPT for text and sentiment analysis, and Vue.js for the frontend.

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No-Code Notion Form Builder

A developer created NdbForms, a no-code form builder for Notion in a week using ChatGPT. This project offered a fresh alternative to NoteForms and TypeForms.

No-Code Notion Form Builder

ChatGPT was used for code generation and guidance.

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Circle Clicker Android Game

A non-programmer built a simple Android game called Circle Clicker using ChatGPT, and managed to publish it on the Google Play Store.

Circle Clicker Android Game

The game was built using Dart and Firebase.

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Bookstore Inventory Automation Tool

An employee developed an efficient solution to automate the process of cataloging books using ChatGPT to handle the tedious task of manually recording ISBNs, publishers, and other details.

Bookstore Inventory Automation Tool

The result was a Python script that extracts information from images of book covers and compiles it into a spreadsheet. This significantly reduced the time spent on inventory management.

The Python script uses pytesseract for OCR and an external API for getting book details using ISBNs. The source-code is shared on GitHub.

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Travel Planner App

Someone built a Travel Planner App in under 500 lines of code using Claude 3.5 Sonnet and GPTCall App Creator.

Travel Planner App

The person was itching to go on a trip, but Google Maps didn't have a filter for attractions based on minimum number of ratings.

The app allows users to easily plan their trips by filtering attractions with the highest ratings. It's a handy tool for travelers seeking the best experiences.

You can find the source code on GitHub.

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Radio Shuffle

A developer with no prior coding experience created Radio Shuffle, a web application that allows users to discover and listen to radio stations from around the world. This project showcases the power of AI-assisted development, as it was built entirely using Claude, an AI language model.

Radio Shuffle screenshot

Radio Shuffle features a simple interface where users can click a button to shuffle between different radio stations. The developer used a two-thread approach when working with Claude to manage complex code changes. This method involves requesting instructions in one thread and implementing changes in another, making it easier to understand and apply updates to the codebase.

Radio Shuffle was built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with Claude providing guidance on file creation, feature implementation, and code organization. The developer hosted the site on Hostinger, following step-by-step instructions provided by the AI.

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16x Prompt

Last by not least, I myself built a desktop application called 16x Prompt.

16x Prompt screenshot

16x Prompt helps people streamline coding tasks with ChatGPT. It offers source code context management and structured prompt generation for generating the best code from ChatGPT quickly.

16x Prompt is written using Vue.js and Electron. Most of the UI and logic were written using ChatGPT, and the tool has been used by developers to improve their coding workflow.

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